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Career Opportunities

  • Specialty Teams

  • Lots of Career Paths

  • Specialized Training

Great benefits

  • Affordable Health Care

  • Generous Paid Leave

  • 401k and Pension Options

  • 25 year retirement


  • Support

  • Activities

  • Rotating Shifts

Dedicated to the safety of our community and schools


The patrol deputies of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office are responsible for providing law enforcement services to a large area that includes many of the towns and cities in Cache Valley as well as the national forest lands. A patrol deputy’s primary duties are to respond to calls for service and spend time patrolling our communities. It is an exciting assignment that often includes the following responsibilities, as well as many more:

  • Responding to medical emergencies

  • Enforcing local and state laws

  • Investigating crimes and interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects

  • Traffic enforcement and responding to traffic accidents

  • Responding to 911 calls and crimes in progress

  • Animal Problems

  • Responding to domestic disputes

  • Writing detailed reports and testifying in court

  • Assisting individuals experiencing a mental health crisis

  • Working rotating shifts

  • Interacting with citizens and working to resolve community issues

  • Participating I community celebrations, events, and parades

This position carries a significant amount of responsibility and commitment but is also incredibly rewarding. Our patrol deputies live in the areas they serve and are committed to keeping our communities safe, enjoyable places to live. We look for individuals of good character who are dependable, reasonable, knowledgeable, and who are skilled communicators. We rely on members of the community who have what it takes to join us in making a difference. Do you have what it takes?


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Being the difference in someone's life to help them change for the better


Working in the Cache County Jail is a rewarding and challenging profession. Where patrol deputies are routinely seen throughout the valley, the deputies in the jail division serve behind the scenes in an equally critical role to provide community safety. Every day they work to provide a safe and secure environment for some of the most challenging members of the State of Utah. 

The jail houses inmates from:

  • The Utah State Prison

  • Immigration Customs Enforcement

  • US Marshall Service

  • Franklin County

  • Cache County 

These individuals, while varying in their origins, all present a wide variety of challenges for a Cache County Jail Division Deputy. These deputies serve a wide variety of roles that go far beyond the description of “corrections deputy”. The day of a corrections deputy may vary wildly from dealing with angry individuals who refuse to follow the rules obeyed by normal citizens to being a role model giving support and advice to someone trying to better themselves. Correction deputies become some of the best communicators and acquire crucial skills that will help them throughout their entire career. 

Working in the Jail Division of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office provides deputies with many different job duties. Such work roles and titles include:

  • Line and booking deputies

  • Transport deputies

  • Classification deputy

  • Programs deputy

  • Work diversion deputy

  • Work release coordinators

These different positions provide a variety of job assignments to keep a person interested and learning for many years. If working in a challenging environment while providing the needed security to our community sounds like an interesting career, then working in the Jail Division is for you!